An Italian ongoing SDM has been hosted every month since January 2019 in Torino.

The last two meetings due to the Covid19 emergency have been hosted via zoom and open to a wider public unhindered by geographical distances.

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Online dreaming sessions during Covid-19

You are invited to a series of online social dreaming sessions, taking place on Zoom from 1.00 – 2.15 BST every Monday and Thursday from 30 April – 25 June 2020 including a post-matrix review.

Participants share their overnight dreams in order for everyone to make wider associations which may relate to the current socio-political environment – in particular, the Covid-19 pandemic. And in the process of accessing the unthought known, creating new meaning and understanding through making connections between dreams (the unconscious) and our social context.

To participate, register here. Further dates will be added each week. 

The sessions will take place every Monday and Thursday from 30 April – 25 June 2020.

Your dreams, wherever you are, will add to our global understanding. Dreams reveal the emergent and often anticipate future scenarios.

This is an invitation to join three international social dreaming matrices.
The aim is to explore and reflect on the contexts, emergencies and circumstances of the present moment, where social trauma has become a global trait, within the diversity of countries and cultures, social conditions, political choices and personal experiences.
Social Dreaming enables a collective sense making by which the thinking of dreams may be transformed into meaningful conversations and sharing.
The process offers opportunities to explore conscious and unconscious perceptions and meanings, as well as unexpected visions of the future.